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Please Read Your Insurance Policy Carefully

Most of your annual membership subscription fee to the AVCC pays for your insurance policy. All our members are covered equally by our insurance including those members over 65. For those members over 80, you are required to obtain a medical certificate stating that you are fit to participate in cycling activities including racing,  completion of a medical clearance, together with approval from your club and the insurer.  These forms are submitted via your club secretary to the AVCC secretary. Please be aware that it may take up to 7 days for approvals to be obtained.

All claims for insurance should be lodged with the insurer within 30 days and the AVCC secretary advised of your claim. 

The insurance provider (Gallagher) has a portal for AVCC members. The portal contains a link to the claim form and outlines the process for submitting a claim. 

The insurance handbook (schedule) is also available via the portal.

Summary of Cover 2024
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