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An Update from Central Queensland Veterans Cyclismo

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From Damo Harris at CQVCC .......


Hi ALL, I have provided a race write up from our first crit of the summer. We are a pretty casual mob and plenty of laughs to be had when racing with CQ Vets.


CQ Vets Crit Race Report 


Ok, the round up from the day that saw the first crit for 2020. School holidays impacted the race numbers this week with numbers down but that wasn’t about to dim the light of this group of has been’s with the competitive nature of everyone on display once again.

Well first cabs of the rank was the C/D grades, a few yarns being spun prior to the start... And bang they were off, an orderly procession for the first few laps and then the Ranga rocket was off, Warwick was about to test out his current training progress (the form guide was had a question mark over Warwick and Trent concerned with the potential of fatigue setting in as both had solid +200k weeks) sitting on in front for the best part of 3 to 4 laps before being brought back to the bunch. All of the sudden out of nowhere the wind cranked upwards of +20kph making conditions shitty at best. Within 1 lap the 2 grades fractured and the D graders set about trading blows similar to Dan Andrews and his now retired Health Minister. 2 laps out and The Ranga rocket was at it again punching off the front, only this time Trent was in pursuit (little did Warwick know that Trent was secretly seen consuming the contents of a brown paper bag the night before (ASADA was quick to supply an update that they are investigating the contents which turned out to be 6 Great Northerns ). Warwick stormed home to take out the C grade with a very respectable 36.2kph, Trent profusely sweating a few seconds behind followed Josh for third.
The D graders weren’t to be outdone saw Pete “I’m ready for C grade” ESS leading the charge (34kph), with Brian and the always smiling Trevor (well maybe not at the time of crossing the line today) closing out the top 3.
Next off was the combined A+B grades, a bit of banter and a sizeable amount of slagging each other off and the gun sounded....this is now the time “where the bullshit walks and the training talks”....A mellow first two laps saw people settling into a rhythm then out of nowhere the groups sitting on +46kph (wind assisted) along the back straight, the banter stopped quickly replaced by gasping and heavy breathing. Continual surging, couple with some solid efforts by all (everyone was taking solid turns on the front) saw one or two of the B graders lose touch with the lead group. After a solid turn on the front I was invited by Matt to slot in between freight train Davies and Matt, it’s the only time you’ll hear me say I enjoyed being behind Jon!
Some substantial efforts on the front by the ever consistent Sean Hall and we were at the bell lap, the pace backed off as there was now only 3 (Jon’s Strava title for today’s race “Cooked” gave an indication of where he went, but in all seriousness a top effort by him. Coming onto the home straight Sean was at the front punching into the wind, a place no one wants to be some 400mtrs out, big Matt sized it up at 200m to go followed by some old bastard dogging it behind everyone, luckily for him everyone blew up with 50 m to go and a photo finish separating the first 3....Sean in 3rd, Matt 2nd and myself with an average speed of 40.5kph providing some insight into the pace of the race.

A great day, some good stories post race with the added benefit of being healthy for at least some time over the weekend.
Thanks for the assistance of the refs, corner Marshall’s, Josh for setting up and the multiple sources of photos....we have a great thing going here let’s keep it up!

Thanks again
Al (Club President)

PS - I didn’t proof read this....I’m old and want to go to bed now!

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